Liqui Moly Engine Oil

Liqui Moly 4 Stroke Fully Synthetic Street Race (1 L)

Liqui Moly Engine Oil fully synthetic high-performance motor oil. Ensures maximum performance and protection of the engine under all operating conditions. Optimum lubrication, outstanding engine cleanliness, excellent friction and minimum wear are just as much taken for granted as gentle clutch engagement and disengagement and gear shifting. That makes a big difference to riding enjoyment! Tested on engines with catalytic converters. Tested on racing machines.

Why Liqui Moly Engine Oil?

Liqui Moly stands at the forefront of innovation and performance in the world of motorcycle care. Crafted in Germany with precision and care, our range of engine oils for motorcycles is formulated to provide your engine with superior protection, enhanced performance, and optimal efficiency. Whether you’re navigating the urban maze or exploring the great outdoors, Liqui Moly engine oil ensures your motorcycle performs at its peak.

Motorbike 4T Synthetic Street Race

Fully synthetic high-performance motor oil. For maximum performance and outstanding engine protection under all operating conditions. Offers perfect lubrication, outstanding engine cleanliness, excellent friction and minimum wear. Ensures smooth engagement and disengagement as well as gear shifting, which significantly increases driving pleasure. Tested for use with catalytic converters and on racing machines.

Developed for air and water-cooled 4-stroke engines exposed to normal to extreme operating conditions. Suitable for sporting applications. For engines with or without a wet clutch.

The Importance of Changing Oil Regularly

Just as vital as the life-giving properties of engine oil is the practice of timely and frequent oil changes. The sad reality is that poor-quality or degraded engine oil could spell an unfortunate fate for your motorbike, causing a notable loss in performance or even worse, severe engine damage. Stepping-up to premium brands for oil changes like Maxima or Shell is perhaps one of the simplest yet most effective ways of prolonging your motorcycle’s life. Consistent oil changes ensure that your engine gets a clean slate each time, resulting in effective lubrication and less wear and tear on your engine. It is an essential practice that filters out impurities and contaminants that could hinder the engine’s health and performance.

Why Molygen?

High performance low-friction motor oil for year round use. The combination of unconventional base oils and advanced additive technology as well as the special tungsten-molybdenum organic Molygen additive ensures that the motor oil is of low viscosity with a high shear stability and reliably prevents the formation of deposits, significantly reducing frictional losses in the engine and providing the optimum protection from wear. This results in fuel savings and an extended service life for the engine. It also contains a fluorescent green tracer that glows under UV light so leaks can easily be traced and rectified immediately.

The Effect of Regular Maintenance on Your Motorbike’s Performance

While engine oil is undeniably important, the overall health and performance of your bike also hinge on other periodic maintenance measures. Paying attention to the bike’s filters, chains, belts among other parts can significantly influence its performance and lifespan. It may require a concerted effort to keep up with these maintenance practices and seem quite challenging at times. However, the reward is an enduring machine that delivers an unparalleled riding experience. It yields a bike that commands trust for reliability, smooth operation and maximum enjoyment. Regular maintenance primes your motorcycle to take you on those long drives, those intense rides or those speedy sprints, while ensuring an unmatched level of performance.

Liqui Moly in Singapore: A Preferred Choice for Motorcyclists

In the bustling streets and scenic routes of Singapore, Liqui Moly has carved a niche for itself as a preferred brand among motorcyclists. Known for its German engineering and cutting-edge technology, Liqui Moly engine oils are tailored to meet the unique demands of the city-state’s diverse riding conditions.

Singapore’s tropical climate and urban congestion put motorcycles through a range of operating conditions, from stop-and-go traffic to high-speed expressways. Liqui Moly’s range of motorcycle engine oils, including the popular Motorbike 4T Synthetic Street Race, is designed to provide optimal performance and protection in such environments. The fully synthetic formulation ensures excellent lubrication, engine cleanliness, and wear protection, enhancing the riding experience and prolonging engine life.

Moreover, Liqui Moly’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in its Molygen range. The unique tungsten-molybdenum additive technology offers exceptional friction reduction and wear protection, contributing to fuel savings and extended engine life. The fluorescent green tracer in Molygen oil aids in easy leak detection, a practical feature for maintaining motorcycles in Singapore’s dense urban landscape.

For motorcyclists in Singapore, choosing Liqui Moly means investing in top-tier engine care. Whether it’s for daily commuting or weekend leisure rides, Liqui Moly’s comprehensive range of engine oils ensures that motorcycles perform at their best, delivering both enjoyment and reliability on the roads of the Lion City.

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