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Revving to the Future: The Rise of Electric Motorcycles

Electric Motorcycles

Just as the sun heralds the break of dawn, the silent roar of electric motorcycles points towards an unprecedented shift in the world of speed lovers and thrill-seekers. Today’s riders are witnessing an electrifying revolution, reassessing their connections with their metallic steeds such as Cruiser motorcycles, Sport bikes, Touring motorcycles, Dual-sport bikes, Standard motorcycles, and […]

How to choose the Perfect Motorcycle

How to choose the perfect motorcycle?

How to choose the Perfect Motorcycle? Embarking on the thrilling journey into the world of two wheels? Selecting the perfect bike can be a daunting experience, especially for the beginner rider. There are many elements to consider, and the lack of proper guidance can lead to regrettable choices. This blog post serves as your comprehensive […]

A Comprehensive Guide to COE Refinancing

COE Refinancing

20th March 2024 COE Price CATEGORY Quota QP($) PQP(S) A B C D E In the cosmopolitan island of Singapore, owning a vehicle comes with a sizeable expense in the form of the certificate of entitlement or COE. Whether it’s for a motorcycle or a car, the certificate of entitlement Singapore prices can often feel […]