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Riders! Yes, you are in the right place. Speedzone (Bike Shop Singapore) uncompromising quality, only the best for our riders.

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Bike Servicing at Its Best

Speedzone Motoring offers maintenance services and repair works,
installation of parts and accessories, and inspection services.
We are passionate about helping you with complete care for your motorcycle.


Installation of parts and accessories


Evaluate and send your motorcycle to LTA inspection


Problem diagnosis, evaluation and repair services


Overhaul, tyre change, tuning and alignment services


At Speedzone, we are passionate and enthusiastic about dirt bikes. We sell a variety of new and used bikes, offer a comprehensive range of servicing expertise designed for performance as well as a carefully hand picked array of parts and accessories.

Whether you own a motard, naked, dual purpose or enduro, you need a partner to take care of the complicated stuff so you can focus on fun things… creating journeys, experiences and memories with your motorbike.

Our story
  • TOP NOTCH Servicing
  • Years or Servicing Experience
  • Easy Financing
  • Accessible Central Location
  • Years or Stunt Performing
  • Dedicated to Technology
  • Touted as Experts in the Field