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Motorcycle IU Units: Modern Biking’s Game Changers

Motorcycle IU Units

Motorcycle IU Units also known as Motorcycle In-Vehicle Units (IU), are indispensable devices that have significantly changed the riding landscape over the years. But, what exactly is their purpose, and how have they evolved? This blog post aims to shed light on the purpose of Motorcycle IU units, their transition from old IU units to […]

Motoring Toward Tomorrow: An In-Depth Look at Motorcycle OBU Units

Motorcycle OBU Units

Motorcycle OBU Units was mandated to installed on every New Registered Motorcycle as of 13th February 2024. As we step into the future of motorcycle world, we no longer exclusively discuss speed and agility. Instead, we delve into innovative additions that enhance the riding experience and contribute to safety. A standout amongst these new features […]