Rev Up Your Knowledge: How To Buy A Used Bike In Singapore

Used Bike

How To Buy A Used Bike In Singapore: Purchasing a used bike can be quite a daunting task for the uninitiated. There are a plethora of factors that need deep consideration such as the cost, model, make, maintenance requirements, and more. However, if you arm yourself with enough information, the experience can turn into an adventurous expedition. In this guide, we shall delve into all the details you’ll need to remember when making your purchase – from the COE expiry date to the engine sound and selling price. So, jump on board as we steer you through the vibrant world of used bikes!

Know The COE Expiry Date

Consideration of the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) is a crucial factor when you’re in the market for a used bike in Singapore. The COE, an exclusive form of ownership right allotted to vehicles for a decade, often becomes an aspect worth negotiating upon. So, when you spot your dream bike, don’t get carried away just yet. Check the COE expiry date first as this directly influences your ownership duration. For instance, if the COE is expiring soon, it’s an opportunity for negotiation because renewing it would mean you incurring additional costs. Hence, the closer the COE expiry date, the more leverage you potentially have for haggling down the selling price.

Inspect The Exterior Of The Motorcycle

The tell-tale signs of a motorcycle’s overall condition are often etched onto its exterior. A simple but thorough visual inspection can reveal a lot about its health. Be mindful of scratches, dents, rust or any form of damage that appear out of place. Even the charm of custom work or alterations could be deceiving, skillfully concealing underlying problems. Accessories installed on the bike are also very important, they do more than just enhancing the bike’s appeal, they constitute and could substantially add up to the total selling price. Thus, examining the exterior carefully is a step you cannot afford to skip.

Listen To The Engine Sound

Do not underestimate the power of your auditory senses when considering buying a used bike. The essence of a well-maintained machine lies in the music it makes. If the engine purrs smoothly, it’s a good sign that it has been well taken care of. However, noises such as buzzing, knocking or backfire, can be early indicators of potential mechanical problems. Every sound matters, hence why you must insist on a test ride to evaluate the bike’s performance before finalizing the deal.

Analyse The Selling Price

From the exterior to the sound of its engine, every detail about a used bike should be factored into a comprehensive benefit-cost analysis. The resultant selling price should ideally reflect the bike’s true value given its present condition, the number of miles it has traveled, the accessories installed, the time left on the COE and of course the intrinsic brand value. Remember, the quoted price is not a decree set in stone. It’s an area with room for flexibility so don’t shy away from negotiating.

Gearing Up For A Smart Purchase Of Used Bike

So there you have it – the essential measures that should guide your purchase of a used bike. By understanding the intricacies of the COE expiry date, being observant about the exterior of the motorcycle including the accessories installed, relying upon your hearing sense for the engine sound, and finally, not shying away from negotiating the selling price, you’re all set to make an informed decision. Happy biking! If you are confused and unsure with your purchase, do contact our sales team for more information and quote to change for the better of your motorcycle.

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