Terms & Conditions

  • Engine Oil for promotion is ONLY applicable to Maxima Premium 4 or Shell Advance 4T, subject to in-store stocks’ availability, not inclusive of spare parts.
  • 1st bottle of Engine Oil is FOC, 2nd bottle onwards will be at $9.90 nett per bottle.
  • For self preferred brand of Engine Oil available, prices will be 50% off RRP.
  • All promotions are only valid in isolation, not in conjunction with any other promotions, discounts or vouchers. In the event where there are two or more ongoing promotions, the customer is only entitled to one promotion, discount or voucher, whichever he/she deems most appropriate.
  • We reserve the right to not service the bike at any point.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I know what engine oil would be FOC?

We would be using Maxima Premium 4 or Shell Advance 4T.

I just changed my engine oil, can I use it the following round?

Yes of course. Just bring down your phone for us to verify! 

Can I bring a friend to change his engine oil too?

Get your friend to come with you and he/she will receive 50% off any brand of engine oil he/she chooses!

Can I choose other engine oil brand?

Yes you may, however for any engine oil brand other than Maxima Premium 4 & Shell Advance 4T, you will have to top up 50% of its original price.

Does it include oil filter?

No. Additional parts and fluids are chargeable as per original price.

What if i need to do more than engine oil change?

No worries! If you require additional services other than engine oil change, please don’t hesitate to drop by and speak to our friendly mechanics for advise and recommendations!

When does this promotion ends?

While stocks last! Alternatively, chat us up!

What do I need to bring down?

Just bring your bike, your phone and yourself!

What do I say when I am there?

Shout and say ‘I’m here for free engine oil change!’.